• louis: are you sure?
  • harry: *inhales deeply*
  • harry: yeah
  • louis: really?
  • harry: i trust you louis
  • louis: i don't think i'm-
  • harry: lou
  • harry: just
  • harry: just do it slowly
  • louis: o-okay
  • harry: yeah like that
  • louis: is it good?
  • harry: yeah
  • harry: go faster
  • louis: like this?
  • harry: exactly like that
  • zayn: *storms in*
  • zayn: ok if you're fucking in my kitchen i'll-
  • zayn: what the
  • harry: i'm teaching him how to whisk
  • louis: my arm hurts
  • zayn: are u kidding me

"Steal my girl"

Louis: take her
Louis: Please
Louis: I’m begging you